Why Choose Home Security Monitoring?

May 3rd, 2022

When you buy or upgrade your home’s security system, you have a lot of options you can choose from.  Cameras come in all different brands and designs with plenty of quality and feature options, electronic locks can use keycards or passcodes, and alarm systems can include door sensors, glass shatter sensors, and an integrated smoke alarm.  Another option that many security companies in Austin, TX offer is home security monitoring.

With home security monitoring, the security company that installs your security equipment will monitor things like camera feeds and security alerts 24/7.  The security team can respond to suspicious activity and alerts immediately even if you as the owner are distracted, at work, or on vacation.  The monitoring team will usually check in with you first, and if you don’t give them the all-clear they will contact the authorities.  Home security monitoring offers several concrete benefits.

Additional Deterrence

When you get home security monitoring for your Austin, TX home, you’ll also get signs you can post on fences or in yards or windows.  These signs clearly indicate that you have a security system with active monitoring, and professional burglars will know exactly what it means.  Active monitoring means that someone is watching every camera feed live, and if the monitoring team notices something unusual they can respond within minutes guaranteed.  Burglars don’t like that kind of fast response, so they’re more likely to target a different house.

Instant And Smart Notifications

Thanks to today’s technology, security companies can set up alert systems that will notify a secure app on your smartphone so you can see what’s happening when one of your cameras starts recording or when a home alarm goes off.  You can set up these alerts to automatically go off with no active monitoring, but active monitoring improves this alert system by giving you a human filter between the automatic systems and you.  If an outdoor camera notices a plastic bag flying across on a breeze, the security monitoring team will know not to contact you.

Better Insurance Rates

Insurance companies hate risk.  Higher risks mean higher chances that they’ll have to pay out, and insurance companies do whatever they can to avoid doing that.  This is why many insurers will offer incentives to homeowners who buy strong security systems, incentives like bigger payouts and lower monthly rates.  This may include a discount for getting active home security monitoring thanks to the rapid response time it offers, so check with your insurance provider to find out if you could qualify for a lower premium.

Active home security monitoring is an effective add-on to many home security systems, and most security companies in Austin, TX offer it as an upgrade to their other security packages.  Technology has come a long way in the past few decades, but having a set of human eyes watching your camera feeds can make a big difference.  Home security monitoring is also much cheaper than hiring a home security guard, so contact your local security service and see if active monitoring is right for your home.

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