Vacation Safety Tips For Any Homeowner

January 21st, 2022

Heading out for vacation is part of almost everyone’s life, and Austin residents need that downtime to enjoy the world, refresh their minds and bodies, and more. But is it really possible to truly enjoy your vacation if you’re worried about what’s happening at your home? For most, the answer here is no.

As such, it’s important that Austin residents take the time to do a couple of things that will help increase your home’s safety while you’re gone – and let you truly relax and enjoy your vacation. Here are some of the main tips to keep in mind to protect your home.

More specifically, trim bushes and trees that are overgrown. These can make it easier for thieves to stay in cover as they sneak around your property and scope out the situation. Plus, it makes your property look nicer in the process.

Get Rid Of Packages
Whether you’ve ordered a huge number of items online or just have a new TV you bought, those packaging boxes are like an invitation to thieves. Don’t leave packaging on the curb or in a visible location or you’ll be announcing what is inside to the rest of the world. Get rid of those packages as soon as you can and for sure don’t’ leave them out while you’re gone from home.

Use A Timer
A timer can help you trick thieves into thinking someone is home. You don’t have to just have them trigger once a day – you can use them to be on at night, off during the morning, and even off and on throughout the day. This can make it easier to really fool the world into thinking someone is still at home.

Use Motion Lights
Motion sensor lighting can also be a big deterrent when it comes to eliminating and preventing criminal activity. When a thief is suddenly in the spotlight, they may move on. Motion lights are affordable and a great part of securing your home.

Use Social Media Wisely
It’s easy to get excited about a trip. But when you start posting your plans to the world, you’re also letting them know that you’ll be far away from Austin – and your home. Wait until you are back to start blowing up social media, otherwise you may be putting yourself at risk.

Set Up An Alarm And Video System
Using a security system is obviously the best way to keep your property protected. An alarm system can scare away potential invaders, but adding a video system that can be monitored using your mobile device is even better and will allow you to keep an eye on the property no matter where you are.

Enjoy Your Trip!
Just a few simple steps can help increase security at your property in a huge way. The tips above are the most important things to keep in mind and could be exactly what it takes to give yourself peace of mind and give your property a big boost of protection while you’re gone – and while you’re at home, too.

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