Upgrading Your Existing Home Security

December 30th, 2021

If you’ve had a home security system installed in your Austin, TX home within the last 10 years, you may feel as though you’ve done all you can do to secure your space, and now your job is done. However, as technology advances so do security systems, and so do the threats that you’re trying to keep at bay. Upgrading your home security system may seem like an intimidating or daunting task, but it’s more simple than many recognize, and it’s necessary for ensuring your home remains your safe haven.

Why Should I Upgrade My Existing Home Security?

There are many reasons to upgrade your existing home security, and if you haven’t investigated what modern security technology has to offer to your Austin, TX home, you may be surprised at what is available today. A few reasons to upgrade your home security are:

  • Remote control – Remote controls don’t refer to how you switch your television station, but how you’re able to customize and manage your home security systems from your very own smart device. Something of science fiction just a couple short decades ago, today’s modern security systems give you the ability to completely customize from the palm of your hand no matter where you’re located.
  • Systems that integrate into your home automation – Home automation is one of the biggest trends today, and it’s one expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Today’s home security systems utilize smart technology, and fit right in with your home automation systems. Using this tech, you can control your lights, your temperatures, your appliances, and your security all from one central integrated hub.
  • Older systems require landline connections – Landline connections are falling out of fashion, and many families of Austin, TX wish to cut the chord with their landline in favor of using the mobile phone line they already pay for. With older security systems, however, many require landline connections, and you’re not able to free up this budget space until you’re ready to upgrade.
  • Video surveillance to keep watch on the house – Today’s video surveillance offers remote control technologies that give you the ability to keep watch on the house for any reason. While it does help to keep a more secure home from outside intruders, it also gives homeowners peace of mind knowing their families and their pets are safe. If you’re stuck at work late, and you want to know if your teenagers have returned home safely at curfew, a simple remote check with your surveillance camera is all that is necessary.

Keeping A Modern Secure Home

With the leaps and bounds home automation technology and IoT devices have taken in progression during recent years, it’s easy to see how home security systems have followed suit. By upgrading your existing home security system, you can take advantage of the security features of today’s modern systems as well as the convenience and smart features that were unimaginable just a handful of short years ago.


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