Staying Safe at Home: Security Tips for the Elderly

March 16th, 2022

The elderly have become a target for crime, and this has been increasing over the last few years. They are being targeted with various phone scams, fraud, and financial issues. In addition to all this, they are also susceptible to crimes in their own homes as well.

Since the elderly are viewed as an easy target for many burglars, we have compiled a list of a few tips to remember so as not to fall victim to these criminals.

Communication Is Key

You should always be in constant communication with someone outside of the home. In doing so, they will know that you are safe, and you will have someone you can go to if something happens. You never want to live in isolation because this can lead to other issues down the line, including a diminishing mental and physical state as well as loneliness and depression.

Stay in contact with friends and loved ones, and don't allow yourself to become isolated. You can also speak to them about what security measures you are taking or what else can be done to help ensure your continued safety in your home.

Home Security

When it comes to home security, there are a few more basic rules to remember. 

  • Always make sure your doors and windows are locked at all times. No matter where you live, you can easily become a target. The best thing you can do to avoid falling victim is to decrease the chances an intruder has to enter the property.

  • You should also have a peephole or security camera at the front door so you can see who is at the door without having to open it. It gives you the chance to decide if it is someone you want to engage with or not, which ultimately keeps you much safer and secure.

  • When you answer the door, you should also carry your phone with you. This is good in case you opened the door for someone you don't know, and you need to call someone for help.

  • Never leave spare keys around the property either. Burglars know this trick and will be able to locate the key. Instead, give a copy of your key to a family member or trusted neighbor or friend.

  • Install a reinforced door and doorframe for all the doors that face the exterior of your home. This is especially helpful for older homes. It is just another way to add a barrier of protection between yourself and intruders on the other side of the door. You can even have a screen or glass installed between the door and the outside as well that you can keep locked at all times.

Security Systems

Finally, if you are looking for much more advanced security solutions for your home, you should consider either upgrading or purchasing a high-quality security system for the home. Not only will it help deter criminals, but it can also provide more protection when it comes to fire, medical, and carbon monoxide emergencies as well.

You should also consider motion lights for the outside of the home as well because having a well-lit yard and security cameras are all great deterrents and will help keep you safe.

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