Outsmarting Your Neighborhood Burglars

February 24th, 2023

The world we’re living in is getting smarter, and burglars are getting smarter right along with it. For homeowners of Austin, TX this means learning how to outsmart burglars in order to keep your property safe. Luckily, homeowners of Austin, TX can outsmart even the most clever burglar, and it just takes a thorough approach to your home security. Your home security is what deters crime, and what stands between you and the criminals who want to make your property their own. 

If you plan to outsmart burglars of the Austin, TX area, there are a few things to keep in mind and a few precautions you must take. First and foremost, think like a burglar, and use this basis to choose protections that make their job that much harder. 4 steps to outsmarting today’s burglars are: 

Start with your landscaping

Landscaping really sets the mood for a property, but it can also provide plenty of space for burglars to hide. While a wild and free look to your landscaping might give it a certain rustic appeal, it could be giving cover to burglars making their way into your home. To outsmart local burglars, keep your landscaping trim and free from any large pieces a burglar could hide behind. 

Set up a doorbell camera

A doorbell security camera can be an invaluable investment in your home security. Burglars know that they’re more likely to get away with their crimes if they don’t draw attention to themselves, and for this reason, they’re likeliest to go right up to your front door. When you install a doorbell camera, you’ll be ready to capture anyone who approaches your door on your footage, and burglars will know this as well. 

Set up motion-sensing lighting

Burglars like empty homes. The average burglar wants to get in and get out, in around 10 minutes or less. They know that if people are present at a property, they’re more likely to be caught, and that is the last thing they’re looking for if they want to be successful in their crimes. Motion sensing lighting not only takes away the cover of darkness, but it also makes burglars believe that outside lighting is being turned on by occupants inside. 

Install an alarm system

Alarm systems are a classic burglary deterrent and one that continues to outsmart criminals to this day. Installing an alarm system on your windows and doors, particularly one that alerts authorities and sends you push notifications in the event of a breach, can outsmart even the most seasoned burglars in the area. 

Keeping Your Property Safe 

Keeping your property safe is important, and in a smart world, it takes being even smarter to make sure your home is secure. Your home should be your place of refuge, and this is only possible when security is made a priority. If you’re looking to outsmart burglars in your area, contact us to learn more today. 

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