Keeping Crime Away From Your Property

April 19th, 2022

Have you ever taken the time to notice just how often you see home invasion or burglary in the news? Chances are, in the Austin, TX area, it’s quite a bit. Not only do these homeowners have to deal with the fact that their property is missing or damaged, but they’re now struggling with this feeling of vulnerability and the worry that it might happen again. After a home invasion you feel exposed, and you lose that safe and happy feeling you should have every time you step foot in your Austin, TX home. 


4 Tips For Preventing Home Invasions  

Vandalism, theft, or intrusion for any reason is something all homeowners want to deter as effectively as possible. 4 tips for preventing home invasions in Austin, TX are:  


Make use of open space 

Your home protection begins at the very perimeter of your property lines. It might be tempting to turn your landscape into a fantastic woodland wonderland or to decorate every possible nook and cranny, but you’re actually providing places for criminals to hide. When a person wants to carry out a home invasion, they’re going to hide in an effort to get in and out unseen. They’ll use your trees, bushes, and other landscaping elements to hide their presence on your property as they make their way into your home. When you make use of open space in your landscaping, you’re providing less space for criminals to hide unseen.  


Use discretion with your valuable assets  

Burglars are likely to target homes where they think they’ll walk away with something of value in hand. If they don’t think their efforts will be worth the risk, they’re less likely to take that risk in the first place. For this reason, it’s important to remain discreet with your assets. Expensive cars should be kept in the garage, family heirlooms kept out of direct window lines of vision, and priceless valuables kept in a small safe locked away inside.  


Make it look like you’re home  

A burglar is most likely to strike while you’re away from home. While you’re on vacation, at work, or carrying out your day to day activities, it pays to make it look like your home is still your base of activity. The motion-detecting security light is often a great pick for keeping up the appearance of a human presence in your space.  


Invest in your front door 

In most cases, your front door is your first line of defense against robberies. A front door that looks easy to break down will be one that burglars target. You want to invest in a strong and secure front door that burglars will choose to pass on by.  


A Safe And Relaxing Home  

With the right security measures put into place, any family of (( can enjoy a safe and relaxing home experience. With confidence in your home, you’re given a refuge you can retreat to after every busy day. To learn more about protecting your area home with security cameras, contact us today.

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