7 Ways To Secure Your Front Door Against Burglars

June 3rd, 2022

Did you know that the majority of burglars take one to eight minutes to enter your home and most go through the front door? Scary, isn’t it? So it stands to reason that one of the places that should be the most secure in your home would be the front door. In the TX, a home is broken into every 13 seconds and it usually begins at the front door. Here are seven ways you can secure your front door:

Reinforce Your Door

If you can, install a door that is made of strong materials like steel, fiberglass, or solid wood. If you can’t afford a new door, reinforce it with more affordable options. Investing in a deadbolt with anti-theft ones, and secure your door hinges with three-inch screws to avoid getting it kicked in can keep thieves out.

Make Sure Someone Is “Always Home”

Another easy tip is to give the appearance that your home is always occupied. Set a pair of rubber boots at the front door when you leave and bring them in when you or your family come home. Another option, wave and say goodbye to the “person” inside every time you leave. If someone is watching they will assume someone else is in the residence.

Always Park Your Car In Garage

Always park in the garage with the door down. That keeps your car out of sight of burglars. So if someone is watching your home as a potential target, they will not know by the missing car your family’s patterns.

Avoid Posting On Social Media

Do not tell everyone on your social media pages you are going on vacation, will be out of town or post photos of your vacation until you get home. This is an open invitation for someone you know to burgle your home. Yes, this happens in about 60% of home invasions.

Leave A Radio Playing

Keeping a small radio near your front door. Turn it on whenever you leave. This simple trick will make intruders think someone is still in the home and acts as an inexpensive deterrent.

Install A Smart DoorBell

A smart doorbell is one that is connected to the internet and anyone who rings the doorbell sends a notice to your smartphone. Some come with a built-in motion detector that will video any motion. This allows you to respond to or film anyone that approaches your front door.

Embrace Technology

Nowadays there are so many advanced technologies available to help secure your front door. From smart locks to remote monitoring to motion detection, you can really step up your home security. The best part is these newer technologies are now really affordable.

Securing the front door on your Austin, TX can help protect your home. These seven tips will get you started. However, you make sure that you and your family are truly protected, you should consider working with a professional security company. They will work one on one to determine what strategies to use to keep your home safe from intruders.

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