4 Security Risks That Make A Home Vulnerable

August 21st, 2020

Many residents are adapting to significant changes in work and private life because of the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, this meant an increased amount of time at home, especially if Work From Home guidance is being followed for a particular job.

Some people may think that these new circumstances have to lead to a change in crime rates. To some extent, that’s true, as there are some measurable drops in crime in some sectors. But in other instances, this may be some false reassurance that people can relax and take it easy. This is especially true when it comes to home security. But even if for people at home more, there are risks, and here and four vulnerabilities on a home property that pose security risks for a home.

Too Much Vegetation

While the presence of a garden can beautify a home, too much vegetation, especially topiary like hedges, can increase a home’s security risk. Thieves prefer to reduce risk, and one way to do this is carefully evaluating a home for valuables and resident behavior.

Surveillance of a home is made easier by having hiding spots available for minutes or even hours of study. Hedges, bushes, and other topiary provide the perfect cover for doing this while not being seen by residents.

Leaving Valuables In Plain Sight

Unless you paid significantly more for your windows, they are typically a “two-way viewing experience,” in that you can look outside, but people can look inside as well unless you draw the curtains or shades. Some people ignore the built-in risks that come with windows and leave valuable jewelry or other items visible through windows.

This helps thieves by being an easy indicator that you have things worth taking, and are not particularly secure about them. 

Don’t Leave Ladders Accessible

This is another very common mistake that homeowners make. Some people, while doing work on the roof, or even just in general, will keep a ladder handy by having it somewhere near—or even on—the home. By leaving a ladder where anyone can get it, this provides thieves with the tools they need to bypass ground entry and try invading a home from the upper floors.

If you leave ladders by your home, you may be inadvertently inviting someone else to make use of them.

Don’t Forget Windows

This is a very common mistake, especially in the summer months. Many thieves won’t have to break into a home to invade it because even though the doors are locked, the windows aren’t. If you don’t have an alarm system that is monitoring both your doors and windows, then an unlocked window is a safe, silent way to get into a home.

Some thieves make it a habit to test windows in homes to see whether they will open or not, so don’t assume that just because a window looks close to you, someone outside hasn’t already tried opening it.

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